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  1. creators H.P. Lovecraft
  2. 6,6 of 10
  3. release year 2019
  4. Malaysia
  5. 5023 vote
  6. Movie Info When an iridescent meteorite plummets from outer space and into the property and foundations of a remote New England estate, a malignant force begins to insidiously permeate the lives of an unassuming family. The effects are gradual - time begins to dilate, nature assumes an otherworldly hue - and all things bright and beautiful eventually mutate and corrupt under its influence. So proceeds this eerie adaptation of the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, one of horror's most haunting, here presented by the enigmatic South African filmmaker Richard Stanley. Returning to Midnight Madness 29 years after his hypnotic killer-robot fandango Hardware first premiered in the section, Stanley summons his uniquely hallucinogenic sensibilities to envelope his endearing characters in surreal, incremental dread. At first, their domestic bliss is quietly fraught with an undercurrent of unnerving tension, before eventually boiling over into delirious, acid-fueled terror. The patriarch of this doomed brood is none other than Nicolas Cage, continuing his recent renaissance as a midnight-movie staple with an increasingly unhinged performance that reliably ricochets among every technique in the Stanislavski playbook. The rest of the ensemble, which includes Joely Richardson and Tommy Chong, play effective foils to Cage's delirium, but the real star of the show is the alien entity itself. This all-consuming, dispassionate menace manifests itself in a series of grotesque, body-horror, and psychedelic spectacles, worthy of its ineffable literary origins


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Color out of space (2019. Color out of space book. Color out of space trailer. Color out of space full movie. Color out of space lovecraft. Color Out of space invaders. Color out of space movie. Not for the faint of heart, Color Out of Space is a true Lovecraftian horror placing Nicolas Cage at his bizarre best. Do not, under any circumstance, watch this movie on drugs. Or maybe, ONLY watch this movie on drugs. Either way, make sure you experience the insanity for yourself.

Country: Malaysia Runtime: 111 Min. Rated: Unrated Updated on January 22nd, 2020 Watch Color Out of Space (2019) Online A story of cosmic terror about The Gardners, a family who moves to a remote farmstead in rural New England to escape the hustle of the 21st century. They are busy adapting to their new life when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time with a strange, otherworldly color. To their horror, the Gardner family discover that this alien force is gradually mutating every life form that it touches…including them. Stream Color Out of Space (2019) HD Online Free Please Support our site by Sharing it with your Friends! Its advised to use an AD-Blocker to filter unwanted ADS from the Player! IF the Video doesn't Start, please Turn OFF your AD-Blocker and Try Again! OnionPlay is Always Free, but there are few ads on the videoplayer Unfortunately we do NOT have control over them. » Join The OnionPlay Club « Tags: Color Out of Space (2019) Streaming Online | Watch Color Out of Space (2019) Online Color Out of Space (2019) HD Stream | Color Out of Space (2019) Watch HD Stream | Color Out of Space (2019) Online Original title Color Out of Space IMDb Rating 6. 3 3, 487 votes TMDb Rating 5. 2 11 votes Director Cast.

Color out of space subtitles 2019. Color out of space imdb. Color out of space richard stanley. Color out of space music. Color out of space torrent. Color out of space 2019. 232 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. December 29, 2018 Format: DVD Verified Purchase I'm not sure why some reviewers would in anyway dis this production. It's one of the best made, truest-to-the-story-line of any so far, with the exception of those produced by the Lovecraft Historical Society (). However, the production quality is superior even to those. There is nothing shoddy, B-rate, or second class about this movie. It is in black and white, which is excellently done and the cinematography is beautiful. The acting is more than just adequate (with the exception of the opening scene in America), it is very well carried. All of the characters are believable and natural. There is nothing about this production that feels low-budget. It is thoughtful, careful, and artistically satisfying. The writing, casting, scoring, CG, editing, acting, and pacing are excellent. Knocked it out of the park. Highly recommended for Lovecraft fans and newbies alike. March 11, 2017 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Lovecraft's stories are hard to translate to film, and this did a much better job than most. While I expected to be put off by the plot changes, once I got into the movie I found myself understanding and agreeing with most of the filmmaker's choices. While the country and time is different, the story is still there. The decision to shoot in black in white was an excellent choice for this film and helped capture much of the mood of the original story. May 29, 2016 Format: DVD Verified Purchase As a huge fan of Lovecraft I've watched a number of movies that have been based on his works and some of them have been quite good, while others are more abominable than the creatures he created. But the one story he wrote that always fascinated me the most was "The Colour Out Of Space". It is a very atmospheric piece that not only keeps you on the edge of your seat, but the finish leaves you shuddering, when you realize the danger is not completely over and that each year it is spreading a little more. Because of the unusual nature of the antagonist, many considered this story to be one that nobody could film and do it justice. But I learned some time ago that a small German independent film company did try and called their version "Die Farbe" (The Color). So finding it here on Amazon got me very excited and I watched it for the first time today and I'm still blown away. I don't always like movies with a lot of subtitles, but this film had some English speakers, as well as some subtitles. But the director did not rely very heavily on dialogue but more "Showing" than "Telling" the story. It's a slow piece, yet it utilizes that pace to build tension and an atmosphere of growing isolation and danger. Some Lovecraft purists have complained that the entire story did not follow the story EXACTLY word for word, but little was left out. The film is to me a masterpiece, shot in Black and White, which also puts some people off. But it is done with a purpose and is used very effectively. There is no gore in this piece, but like Lovecraft's writing, we are given brief glimpses to tell you what's happening and then your own imagination can run wild and scare you even more. This film is brilliant in every respect. My only disappointment was that it was not longer. Still at 1 hour and 20 minutes or so, it tells a great story. I highly recommend it to all Lovecraft fans and even those who are just curious to see why I find this film so fascinating. October 2, 2017 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I'm a reader of H. P. Lovecraft; I've read most of his work including this story, one of the most hair raising in my opinion. This adaptation catches all the aspects, and key story events, that I was hoping to see. Only the Rabbit goes unseen.. but judging by the masterful way in which detail and setting have been incorporated into this production, I say in some scene somewhere may be found the ghastly creature:) Will not disappoint. October 16, 2018 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase Independent films often get laughed at when they try to go too far beyond their capacity. Whether it be leaving heavy dramatic lifting to a rank amatuer, reliance on one good set piece, or being severely short on story. This movie could have easily fallen into one of those traps, and it doesn't - by playing it smart! It realizes that this story (a great starting point! ) was never about people, but the place and our titular color. By letting the scenery and scenario be the focus, it absolves the human cast of having to do too much with too little. Choosing black and white is another way that it embraces its limitations and allows the focus to rest on the clever photogray and juxtoposition of images. It builds its tension trhough these images and sound, and allows the human cast to support them. Whilear from perfect, the movie does cast a wonderfully chilling spell that will give goosebumbs, and couse more than a few gasps. An outstanding independent feature that derses a lot of love! April 20, 2019 Format: Prime Video Verified Purchase I really enjoy Lovecraft's novels and short stories, so I susuall y watch anything based on his tales. Unfortunately this was SO SLOW and SO BORING I gave up 1/2 way. I don't even care about the other 1/2, I would of fallen asleep. I am pretty sure all the 5 star reviews are from people that were involved in the movie, because this movie totally blows. I don't even know why I am giving it two stars, it is only worth 1, but since it is H. Lovecraft based I guess I'll be nice. There are 232 customer reviews and 237 customer ratings.

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The star here is the cinematography, atmosphere, and special effects. Some scenes are simply breathtaking. The plot and the characters were more frustrating. It started out sincere and filled with so much possibility. However, there were frustrating moments where characters said/did unbelievable things. And the end is jumbled but spectacular at the same time. Cage was more uneven than usual here. Some of his choices are so jarring. There are a couple scenes in particular in which he channels his inner Donald Trump... and while it's funny... it's also distracting and takes you out of the movie.

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The combination of Nick Cage and Lovecraft is will give anyone pause but here Nick has his best film in maybe 20 years and the writers/director/producer pull a big freakin rabbit out of the hat. The score is fantastic, the practical effects will put a smile on Botttin's face, the CGI is beautiful, and the acting is very good. A round on me for the acting. They didn't chicken out either and pushed the story to full cosmic in the end.
It doesn't happen often that you go to a film and are surprised of how good it is. I'll be buying a DVD of The Color Out of Space. Better make that a Blu-ray.
And It would be negligent if a pat on the back to Tommy Chong who did a great job. He really can act.

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