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Preston School of industrial. (Last Updated On: January 5, 2020) Perched on a hill overlooking the town of Ione, Ca, is an ominous presence that screams horror film and haunted encounters. Known as the Preston Castle, this menacing structures eerie appearance takes on a whole new level of frightening charm after one learns of its ghostly past. What had started out as a reform school for wards of the state in the early 1890s, developed into one of the regions most mysteriously tragic entities with reported ghost sightings, tales of unspeakable brutalities, a living history and at least one unsolved murder. Preston Castles Tragic History In the 66 years of the original Preston School of Industry, there were hundreds of escape attempts, numerous violent encounters, abhorred testimonies of sexual abuse, inhumane punishments and murder. Perhaps, no murder is more infamous than the “unsolved” brutal murder of Anna Corbin. Anna was the head housekeeper at Preston. On Thursday, February 23, 1950, Anna was brutally beaten to death and discovered shortly before a staff meeting. Historical accounts of where the body was found differ between sources. Some state she was found in a locked basement closet, some say near the kitchen and some say a supply room.  One thing is clear, she was found in the basement around 2pm bludgeoned to death with a rope around her neck. The list of suspects was initially a long one. It was filled with both wards and staff. Eventually a ward named Eugene Monroe became the main suspect. Unfortunately, he was never found guilty of this crime. His first two trials were hung trials and he was acquitted in the third trial. Monroe was also a suspect in two other murders outside of Preston. Within a few years of Corbins murder, Monroe was incarcerated for murder in Oklahoma. In addition to Mrs. Corbins brutal death, there have been many suspicious reports of wards dying due to severe illnesses like tuberculosis. Unfortunately, there are also tales of wards being killed by guards and other wards like Sam Goins and Herman Huber. These tales are often debated by researchers, family members of former wards, protestors of Prestons existence and those who support the schools restoration. Despite the uncertainty of the details surrounding the deaths of the wards, theres a nearby cemetery filled with graves of wards who were “rehabilitated” at Preston. Check out my partial list of the Famous and Infamous wards of Preston School of Industry Preston Castles Haunted Past Nowadays, many Paranormal enthusiasts and professional ghost hunters claim that the Preston Castle is haunted. In other terms, there are spiritual “visitors” that reside in the castle. Anna Corbins spirit is often reported as one of the main spirits that “visits” the castle. Other reports claim that spirits of the wards who were killed while at Preston, or who died of health issues, also “visit” the castle. Additionally, theres an annual Paracon held at Preston that draws ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts from far and wide to be a part of this supernatural experience. Abandoned Preston Castle School of Industry The schools castle structure was closed in 1960 after a more modern facility was built nearby. The castle building itself sat for roughly 40 years, unused, not cared for, and just withering away with time. Tales of the brutalities and murders began to fade into the archives as the town put behind them the most notable Preston tragedies. But, the wards who continued serving their time at the newer Preston facilities, quickly learned about the old castles tales. This “history lesson” served as a deterrence to many wards and flirted with becoming urban legends among the region. The following is a video clip of restoration work being done on the castle in 1988: In 2001, the Preston Castle Foundation, in effort to preserve the castle, received a 50+ year lease of the building. In November of 2014, the foundation received ownership of the property. My encounter with the foundation and its docents was pleasant and very informative. Their efforts to preserve and restore the building goes beyond the glorification of death and brutality. In my opinion, their efforts center on returning the castle to its role as a community partner like it used to be. Back in the early 20th century, the Preston Schools infirmary was used by locals who needed medical assistance. Additionally, the schools band played in local establishments and the sports teams brought some positive encouragement to the community. Preston Castle Tours Today, the Preston Castle Foundation offers tours to the public. These tours focus on the schools positive history, touching on some of the paranormal and doesnt shy away from some of the tragedies. For more information on The Preston Castle Foundation and their tours, check out their website or contact them at 209-256-3623 The Preston Castle is a California Historical Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The following video clip was once used at the beginning of public tours of Preston: My Tour of Preston Castle When entering the town of Ione, the castles Romanesque Revival architecture kicks you in the gut and steals your breath. In fact, I never seemed to fully catch my breath until I left the town of Ione. Turning onto Waterman Road seemed like I was entering a ghost town. It reminded me of my trip to the ghost town of North Bloomfield. All of the buildings were empty and lifeless. The road slowly takes you up to the Preston Castle gates, where I arrived about 35 minutes before the tour began. So, I decided to park by the gate and walk back down the street to visit the “modern” section of the Preston School of Industry. A Warning Sign As I stepped onto the grounds of the Colonial house for the first pictures of the day, a large vulture landed on top of the home almost directly above me. I could hear the wings flapping prior to its landing. Once on the roof, it let out an ungodly screech that sent chills up my spine. It was as if the scavenger of death was warning me of things to come. Either that, or it was putting a claim on my carcass. This was the largest bird I have ever seen in person. In fact its 5 foot wingspan made it look more like a medieval creature. I quickly recognized the vultures red face and black body. I hurried out into the grass to take a picture of this winged creature. It was an eerie experience and one that weighed on me as I prepared for my four hour tour of the haunted castle. Vulture on top of the Colonial Hou se The Castles Exterior If the castles appearance doesnt make you slightly apprehensive to enter, its massive size, which at times can block out the sun, will. Approaching the steps to the main entrance, my senses went into overdrive. Its like I could hear sounds more clearly, smell things more clearly and feel every breeze no matter how gentle it may be. Being on a Photography Tour allowed me the ability to freely roam the grounds. I wasnt confined to a designed tour of the castle. So, I took advantage of this freedom, and chose to explore the exterior first. Its not a quick journey by any means to walk around the exterior. In fact, this truly puts the castles size into proper perspective. One thing I noticed right away, the hopeless views from the windows. It was if the glass was especially created to strip the hope from each ward. They were dark and gloomy like a storm filled sky. The stairways into the various entrances seemed worn from usage. The bricks, which were built in San Quentin and Folsom Prisons, gave the building a lifeless, reddish outer shell. Initially, Preston School of Industry wanted to provide a “home” feel to the wards and not a prison like feel. Unfortunately, at no time during my lap around the building, did I see anything that would make me think, feel or imagine a “home” type feel to this place. In fact, it was the exact opposite. I felt despair, hopelessness and a drain on the soul. Inside the Preston Castle Entering the Preston Castle was more than just an excitingly, creepy exploration. It was a reminder of my past. Growing up, as a troubled youth and made many stupid decisions as a teenager. Truth be told, I could have easily ended up in a juvenile detention center due to all of the criminal activities that I committed. Theres an old adage that says “boys will be boys. ” Well, I would like to add a footnote to that adage and say “sometimes boys will be wards. ” If I spent my teenage years in California  during the heyday of this castle, I could have easily been sent to Preston. I was so lucky not to get caught for any of the foolish crimes I committed when lost in my anger filled, misguided teenage years. It wasnt hard for me to put myself in the shoes of these wards and imagine the hard, brutal life at Preston. However, it also made me count my blessings that I never ended up in a place like this. The Basement of Preston Castle After making a lap around the building, I decided to head back to the courtyard and enter the castle through the basement into the activity room. Right away, you will notice that the inside of the building is like a maze, spanning both vertically and horizontally. Its really hard to decide which direction to go. My plan of attack was to spend one hour on each floor. The 4th floor wasnt open due to safety issues. The floor plan was rather strange as the shower room was positioned directly behind the activity room with not much privacy. Perhaps, the most intriguing part of the activity room is the antique looking piano hiding in the corner. After tickling the ivory for a few moments, I proceeded down the grim looking hallway. I walked straight into a large room, bypassing stairs up to the first floor and a hallway leading toward the kitchen. Check out my Photo Essay: Spooky Hallways and More This large room had some school desks to the left and barrels to the right. There was a room to the left of the desks and a room to the right of the barrels. It was down here where Anna Corbins body was found. After a few moments, I went over to the kitchen and the pantry. The old stove made for some wonderful pictures, as did the pantry. Across from the kitchen, was the plunge bath. This was where the new wards were forced to swim in a tub of lye. It looked like an indoor pool but sounded more like an early form of water torture. Unfortunately, there was no open entrance into this room so I proceeded upstairs to the first floor. Check out my Photo Essay: Kitchen and Dining for more photos of the Preston Castle Kitchen and Pantry First Floor This was probably the busiest floor in the entire building. Not only were there numerous photographers, but there were also several photo shoots taking place. Of particular interest on this floor was the dining room, infirmary, the prayer room, the main office and the small museum. This is where the outdoor front steps bring you into the building. Its often where most people begin their tours. When arriving onto the first floor from the basement, its difficult to decide which direction to head. My path of exploration was influenced by the amount of people in the dining area which is in the right wing of the castle if you are looking at the building from the outside. I decided to head to the left and ended up at the doctors office and then the infirmary. The doctors office had a strange feel to it. But, the infirmary was even more inspirational to ones depraved imagination. There are several beds in the infirmary which prompt thoughts of the various deadly diseases that ravaged this country during the early 20th century. For more pictures of the medical rooms check out Photo Essay: Preston Castle Creepy Rooms Doctors Office It really was a dog fight to get into the dining room. I had to save this room for last as there were two photo shoots and about a dozen photographers in here throughout the tour. But, this room is well worth the effort. In fact, its one of the most impressive rooms in the entire castle. Theres a nice fireplace, a staircase heading down to the basement and a large dining table from 1930. Check out my Photo Essay: Kitchen and Dining for more photos of the Dining Room The main entrance into the building is where the administration room is located, a large room with historical displays and the cool, old-fashioned vault. Additionally, theres what I call a “prayer room” located right off the display room. I would suggest that people start here first, say a few prayers and then begin the tour. Because, who knows what one might encounter. Second Floor Theres a few stair cases that lead up to the second floor. This floor mainly housed most of the staff apartments and a creepy dormitory for the boys. Its also said that Anna Corbins apartment was on this floor. However, there are conflicting reports that say she lived off site, which I tend to agree with. Regardless, all of the apartments were deteriorated and uniquely spooky. But, it was the dormitory that creeped me out the most. This was a large room that is often the source of horrific stories about abuse and neglect. The ceiling is a dark wood that looked to be a perfect spot for bats or other creatures of the night. One cant help but feel some sort of depressing atmosphere while in this room. Also on this floor was the library. This room was stripped of most of its identity. The 4 large windows provided plenty of lighting. There was a closed room connected to the right side of the library. It had beautiful large wooden doors that may have been made out of mahogany. Some believe there was a former classroom on the other side. For more spooky rooms check out my Photo Essay: Preston Castles Creepy Rooms Third Floor For a while, the third floor was closed off to the public due to safety reasons. However, on my tour, the third floor was mostly open. This floor was filled with apartments but had more of an isolated despair than the rest of the building. It was eerily silent as if its history was forgotten. Part of the third floor was closed off due to safety issues. One of the rooms provided a view through the rotted floor down to the basement. In fact many of the rooms suffered badly from deterioration. You could also see up to the fourth floor which was closed off. All of this decay and lifelessness added to the overall darkness of this castle. Check out my Photo Essay: Preston Castle Deterioration and Decay for more photos Fourth Floor This floor was closed off due to safety issues. Besides looking up from the third floor through the opening of the ceiling/floor of the fourth floor, the most you could explore was going up the staircase to a locked door. The 4th floor reportedly had more apartments for staff. The Preston Castle In The Media Over the last decade, the Preston Castle has appeared in various TV shows and movies. The following is a partial list of prominent media appearances by The Castle: Preston Castle Movie In  2012, A Haunting At Preston Castle was released to a meager reception. The plot centers around three friends being trapped in The Preston Castle and having to survive horrific, terrifying encounters. Preston Castle Ghost Adventures In 2009, Travel Channels popular show Ghost Adventures visited Ione and brought more mainstream attention to The Preston. The Lowe Files The popular TV and Film Star Rob Lowe brought his show  The Lowe Files to Preston in 2017. It first aired in August, 2017, bringing more mainstream attention to this historic landmark. Apparition (2019) Apparition is a modern twist on some of the schools tragic history. Starring Mena Suvari and Kevin Pollak, this horror film was shot in and around the Preston Castle. It was released in movie theaters in December 2019. The film was also co-written and co-produced by local filmmakers. Final Thoughts on The Preston Castle Whether you believe this place is haunted or not, you cant ignore its spooky appearance and ominous aura. Add in the history of this place with its impressive architectural design, and you have what I call a tragic blend of history, mystery and horror. Despite what some may say, I believe the Preston Castle should be preserved and restored. This building is a historical landmark with a notorious history. Theres definitely a disturbing aura to this place that would make even the most staunch anti-ghost individuals pause in their tracks. I highly recommend taking the photography tour for those photography enthusiasts. It allows for more time to freely tour and engage the castle. My next adventure at the Preston Castle will be the overnight ghost tour. I can only imagine what “visitors” and creatures come out to play at night. For more on The Preston Castle, check out my Preston Castle Visitor Guide Directions to the Preston Castle in Ione, CA From Sacramento – take Highway 50 east to Sunrise and head south. Head about 15 minutes before making a left onto Jackson Rd. /Highway 16. Drive 11 miles before making a right onto Ione Rd. which is about two miles past Rancho Murieta. Take this road for 6 miles and continue onto Michigan Bar Road. Eventually, this road veers to the left and becomes 104 East. Stay on here for 3 miles and you will see The Preston Castle off in the distance. Look for the signs to the castle and make a left onto Waterman Rd.

Biography by Greg Prato + Follow Artist After the demise of slacker rock kings Pavement in late 2000, guitarist/songwriter Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg immediately formed a new band, dubbed Preston School of Industry. Joining Kannberg are… Read Full Biography Overview ↓ Discography Songs Credits Related Related Artists Similar to Stephen Malkmus Associated with Pavement Influenced by The Fall The Clean The Kinks Echo & the Bunnymen See All Related Artists Artists Moods Amiable/Good-Natured Bittersweet Carefree Cheerful Earnest Laid-Back/Mellow Literate Reflective Summery Warm Artists Themes Hanging Out Long Walk Road Trip Summer.

Preston school of industry band. Preston School of industry co. Preston school of industry california. It says there are 6 reviews. Then it becomes 3 critics reviews. When I check the critic review from Rotten Tomatoes there is no actual review. When I check for reviews there are none. And yet this movie has a rating of 8.5? What is going on here.

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Preston School of industry association. Preston school of industry all this sounds gas mediafire. Preston school of industry merle haggard. Preston school of industry movie trailer. Preston school of industry music. The storyline was great, taking a true story and adding a 2019 twist to it. The casting was well done, Kevin Pollak played this role perfectly. Mena emotion she put into the role gave me goosebumps! I enjoyed this movie so much I watched it twice on the first day. “ Preston Castle is actually the Preston School of Industry- a youth facility for troubled boys (or wards of the state. ” in 7 reviews “ Day tours here are cheaper than a tour to Alcatraz and overnight tours are so worth it ” in 4 reviews “ We did not "see" any ghosts or capture anything in our pictures, but we did get EVPs and have a great time! ” in 8 reviews 900 Palm Dr Ione, CA 95640 7 reviews Tori M. said "I wish I could put into words how truly amazing the Ranch was during the planning and execution of our wedding in June 2019. We were so happy with every single thing. I mentioned that I wanted to put our kid's area in a certain spot…" in Venues & Event Spaces, Bed & Breakfast 67 reviews C H. said "So I don't usually do reviews on places I go but I saw the bad reviews on this place and had to respond. I'm so tired of people getting on here and giving a bad review about a place off of something as stupid as it was hot in here. …" in Venues & Event Spaces, Distilleries, Wineries Gender Neutral Restrooms   Yes Business owner information Historic Tours, special events, venue for weddings or other special functions, paranormal tours. … Read more Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about Preston Castle. Ask a Question Your trust is our top concern, so businesses can't pay to alter or remove their reviews. Learn more. 1 star rating Eek! Methinks not. 2 star rating Meh. I've experienced better. 3 star rating A-OK. 4 star rating Yay! I'm a fan. 5 star rating Woohoo! As good as it gets! Start your review of Preston Castle.

Preston school of industry in ione california. Preston school of industry paranormal. Preston school of industry deaths. Preston School of Industry Origin U. S. Genres Indie rock Alternative rock Jangle pop Paisley Underground Alternative country Lo-fi Years active 1999-2004 Labels Matador, Domino Associated acts Spiral Stairs, Pavement, Wilco Preston School of Industry is an indie rock band formed by Scott Kannberg (a. k. a. Spiral Stairs) in 1999, following the dissolution of his previous band, Pavement. Its name is taken from the well known US reform school of the same name, Preston School of Industry in Ione, California [ citation needed. The band's earliest studio release was a cover of Phish 's "Axilla II" for the charity tribute album Sharin in the Groove. In 2001, Preston School of Industry released All This Sounds Gas. [1] The band released its second album, Monsoon, in 2004, with studio contributions from members of The Minus 5 and Wilco. Preston School of Industry went inactive after their September 2004 Australian tour, though Kannberg revealed in late 2006 he had been slowly working on a record: Don't know when it's going to be released. Just taking my time, nothing special. I've got the songs, I just haven't figured out how I want to do it yet. This winter, I'll probably get it done. 2] However, in 2009, Kannberg released a solo album under the name Spiral Stairs. Albums [ edit] Goodbye to the Edge City EP - 2001 All This Sounds Gas - 2001 Monsoon - 2004 External links [ edit] Official PSOI Website PSOI Myspace Updated Blog References [ edit.

Has a classic feel, and works in the real facts. Love Annalisa Cochrane's commitment in heavier, darker scenes and Kevin Pollak/Mena Suvari elevate every moment.
Biased, but the slow burn middle is completely rewarding in the third act. Preston school of industry trailer. Preston school of industry apparition. Preston school of industry inmates.

It was once known the Preston School of Industry or simply as Preston Castle. Before its closure, it served as the oldest and most well-known reform schools in the United States and its location is Ione, California, in Amador County. Preston Castle was initially opened in June 1894. This is when seven wards were transferred from San Quentin State Prison. When it comes to the design the one used is the Romanesque Revival architecture. Preston Castle exterior. Author: There is always more mystery CC BY-SA 2. 0 Unfortunately, this institution has become known among people for its repugnant past. During its days there were more than enough escape attempts. The barbaric and cruel human treatment and sexual abuse were almost regular happenings and on top of it, all this is where Anna Corbin lost her life. Empty bath tubs. Author: Kevin Cortopassi CC BY-ND 2. 0 The death remains a mystery that is still unsolved even years after the event. There are several different accounts that testify for how the unfortunate head housekeeper Anna Corbin was murdered and found. A missing fire place. 0 It was a Thursday on the 23rd of February 1950 when Anna was found dead. One account states that she might have been killed in the kitchen, another that she was killed in the basement. In accordance with the Amador Ledgers article from 1950, Anna was found in a store room, wrapped in a rug, beaten beyond recognition and with a rope around her neck. Through the open door. 0 When it comes to who might have actually done such thing, the list might as well span several pages, for as suspects the police considered them all, inmates and staff. After a painful narrowing down, the police came up with what they considered to be the main suspect: Eugene Monroe who was being prosecuted for two other murders outside of this institution. Preston Castle exterior different angle. Author: Marilyn Roxie CC BY 2. 0 But Annas death wasnt the only mystery in the facility. There were other deaths due to tuberculosis or similar dreadful illnesses. Naturally, over the years people just kept telling different stories about this place often mixing reality and fantasy. Stories such as the death of Sam Goins and Herman Huber, apparently killed by the guards of Preston. Of course, none of this is officially confirmed and is rejected by family members and all of those that want to preserve Preston in a clean memory. But the local cemeteries are filled with former wards of the state that found a rather different path to leave this institution. Preston School of industry architecture. Author: Amadscientist CC BY-SA 3. 0 The school itself was closed in 1960, for a more modern institution was constructed in close proximity. Once those doors were closed, Preston Castle just sort of slipped the publics mind and got lost in the dark hallways of time itself. It wandered these corridors for 40 years itself slowly becoming a ghost up to until 2001. Upon its closure different types of paranormal investigators were summoned to inspect this School of Industry because of numerous reports stating that it was haunted. Understandably the most famous ghost of them all was none other than Anna Corbin. Abandoned corner room. 0 It was the Preston Castle Foundation that in 2001 received a lease for the building for the next 50 years. The mission of this foundation is to return the former lost glory of the school and to help people remember that the place had its own bright moments. In its days it offered medical assistance to those in need, also they had a top performing school band as well as the successful Preston sports team. Inside Preston castle. 0 It was in 1999 when the name of this building was changed and today is known under the new name “Preston Youth Correctional Facility”. The abandoned buildings today are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and carry the number NPS-75000422 and are also known as California Historical Landmark number #867. Artistic ghost photo was taken at Preston Castle. 0 Among its most notable wards are Anthony Cornero Stralla who was a famous bootlegger and gambling entrepreneur in Southern California know as ” Tony the Hat”. Next, there is Caryl Whittier Chessman another convicted robber, kidnapper and rapist. As of November 2014, the Preston Castle Foundation owns the property.

YouTube. Preston school of industry movie. Preston school of industry caught in the rain. Preston school of industry true events. Ok, it's low budget. But it is still just crap. Crappy acting, crappy writing, crappy everything. Though as a DP I give the cinematography a pass cuz I'm sure he had no money and high school kids as crew. The film is that bad. And 7 to watch it. C'mon! I guess fake accounts are easy to make. Any review praising this film must be associated with it. In fact one of the producers reviewed it and gave it a 10. That's hard up.

Preston school of industry california youth authority. Preston school of industry monsoon. In 1894, the Preston School of Industry opened its doors and begun a 119-year legacy of maltreatment.  Located in Ione, Amador County, this archaic institution was built based on a 19th Century model of congregate reform schools.  It soon developed a reputation for appalling physical conditions and extreme brutality by staff members.  By 1895, allegations arose of ill-treatment, malnourishment and overworking of youth.  In the early-1900's, several newspapers reported foul and degrading conditions as overworked staff members began resigning, disgusted with the mismanagement and severe punishment meted out on the wards by staff supervisors. *  A series of reports in the 1980's condemned the practices within the former CYA, now Division of Juvenile Facilities (e. g., Steve Lerner, Bodily Harm: The Pattern of Fear and Violence at the California Youth Authority (1986. highlighting Preston as  "badly designed and overcrowded" p. 21.   Sexual abuse, violent assaults, and suicide attempts were commonplace, and within the open dormitory setting staff could provide no protection for the wards.  Gang activity thrived at Preston, as vulnerable youth sought out the safety of affiliation rather than become prey to more sophisticated wards, or suffer the atrocious 23-hour isolation cells that served as protective custody. In 2003, after a string of suicides and horrendous use of force by staff on wards, the Prison Law Office filed a suit condemning the CYA for unconstitutional and egregious conditions in the facilities, and demanding reform.  National experts described Preston's lock-up units as "deplorable" and dungeon-like.  Filthy, dank rooms coved with vermin, blood, and feces where youths were confined for 23-hours a day, with one hour spent shackled in a cage for exercise.  The state conceded and signed a consent decree in 2004, laying out remedial plans to reform its entire system. Since the Farrell Litigation reform efforts have been underway, DJF has made improvements to Preston's staffing ratios, institutional culture, and provision of services.  By now however, the aging facilities are beyond repair.  The crumbling physical buildings have been condemned and the lawsuit requires entirely new structures, a cost the state cannot afford.  Meanwhile despite the DJF staffs' best efforts, violence and gang activity has raged on amongst the wards, failure rates remain high, and rehabilitation is nowhere in sight. It is too little, too late. Preston Youth Correctional Facility officially closes its gates on June 30, 2011. An extensive early history of Preston can be found in John F. Lafferty's The Preston School of Industry, A Centennial History 1894-1994, 2d Ed. (1997.   For more information also visit the Preston Castle Foundation website. Keywords: CYA, DJF/DJJ, Farrell, Selena Teji Posted in Blog, Correctional Institutions, Juvenile Justice.


Preston school of industry movies. Preston school of industry farm. Preston school of industry ca. Preston school of industry abuse. Tracklist Whalebones Falling Away A Treasure @ Silver Bank (This Dynasty's For Real) Encyclopedic Knowledge Of History Of The River Doping For Gold Solitaire Blü Sön Monkey Heart And The Horses' Leg The Idea Of Fires Walls Of Grain Suddenly Stable Take A Stand Versions (13) Cat# Artist Title ( Format) Label Country Year OLE 520-1 Preston School Of Industry All This Sounds Gas ‎ (2xLP, Album) Matador US 2001 Sell This Version WIGLP96 Domino UK ‎ (2xLP, Album, TP) ANGLO 003 ‎ (CD, Album) Ultrapop (2) Argentina HORSE013-2 Trifekta Australia OLE 520-2 WIGCD96 7243 8106662 1 Labels, Domino Europe WIGCD 96 TFCK-87258 Toy's Factory Japan WIGCD96P ‎ (CD, Album, Promo) WIGCD 96P OLE 520-2V ‎ (CD, Album, Promo, Car) m146769] Master Release Statistics Have: 647 Want: 99 Avg Rating: 3. 86 / 5 Ratings: 51.

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Please dont post bogus reviews and ratings. Half of the cast's acting truly sucks. Like they were in front of the camera for the first time.

Preston school of industry cells. Preston school of industry cya. Preston school of industry haunted house. Preston School of industry. The 46, 000-square-foot Preston Castle has 77 rooms and no fewer than 43 fireplaces and 257 windows. IONE Dad always told me if I didnt behave – “clean up my act” were his exact words, actually – that I would end up in a place like this. Meaning, reform school. Meaning, Id get pummeled by some kid whose crimes far exceeded my rap sheet of sassing back and chronic failure to clean my room. Meaning, I would regret how good I once had it at home. Until recently, I had managed to avoid such a fate. But when I finally set foot into the Preston Castle, the crumbling yet still regal brick building on a hill looking over this Amador County burg, and heard stories, absolutely hair-curling tales, of life and times of “youthful offenders” in the euphemistically dubbed Preston School of Industry from 1894 to 1960, it certainly made me appreciate that I did, indeed, clean up my act enough to be spared the indignities of forced confinement. A 10 tour, courtesy of the Preston Castle Foundation, lays bare the harsh life behind the castle walls and how, for some, it changed their lives for the better. Youll see the floor – yes, the hygienically dubious floor – where doctors performed operations before 1913, the year someone finally had the notion that a gurney might be a better surface on which to cut someone open. Youll ogle the dunking baths, where a rich chemical stew once was used to purge each newly shaved-headed boy of lice and dignity. Youll stroll through the stark institutional green dormitory where Company B, the real incorrigible hard cases, slept in row upon row of flimsy mattresses and shared just one lidless toilet. And youll see the basement kitchen area where, in 1950, cook and housekeeper Anna Corbin was bludgeoned to death by a boy who either was training to be a food critic or had some anger-management issues. Or both. Then again, life here wasnt all unrelenting grimness. After all, these young wards of the state got three squares a day and a roof over their heads, which is more than many could say for their life on the outside, especially during the Depression years when desperate parents were known to dump their charges at the castle as if it were some day care-slash-boarding school. These boys, ages 7 to 18, had a tennis court and a rose garden. They had a 7, 000-book library with a veranda overlooking the town. The more docile and agreeable boys were even able to live in cottages ringing the castle and learn trades more socially acceptable, if not as lucrative, than hot-wiring cars or burglarizing homes. Sure, many still tried to escape and were recipients of corporal punishment that today would be considered barbaric and certainly litigable, but many Preston boys went on to great things and productive lives, counting among its distinguished alumni singer Merle Haggard, actors Rory Calhoun, Lee J. Cobb and Eddie Anderson (Rochester on “The Jack Benny Show”) and tennis star Pancho Gonzales. This much is certain: The boys lived in some tricked-out digs, a 46, 000-square-foot, 77-room mansion with no fewer than 43 fireplaces, 257 windows overlooking the tawny Amador County foothills, a tower festooned on each side by intimidating gargoyles, hallways bedecked with ornate wainscoting and a rutilant sandstone exterior in the Romanesque Revival architectural style. Its all pretty much trashed now. Dont blame the wards. They, by all historical accounts, kept the place spic and span. Its the state that helped turn Preston Castle into a looters haven, stripping the place of almost everything not tied down and much that was after the 1960 closure. And now, its the nonprofit Preston Castle Foundation – which just a few months ago was gifted the deed to the property after nearly two decades of wrangling with the state – thats trying to rehabilitate the structure just as the boys were hoped to be rehabilitated in days of yore. The first step, of course, is fundraising. Ask members of the foundation, which has leased the castle since 1997, how much will be needed to restore the castle, and they throw out figures between 15 million and 30 million. This is eyebrow-raising until you actually step into Preston and see what decades of neglect have wrought. Some walls are stripped of, well, walls. They are reduced to exposed beams, like the grin of a partially toothless hillbilly. Ceilings sag, floors buckle, stairs creak like the knees of an arthritic old man on a rainy day. Those 43 fireplaces? Stripped of their hand-carved mantles made from rosewood. The marble flooring and sinks? They probably now are spit-polished and shiny and adorn any number of homes in the region. “When they closed the place, the state told (its) workers, ‘You can get your friends and anybody can come up and take what you want from the castle because were going to demolish it, ” said Donnie Page, Preston Castle Foundation docent. “But they didnt demolish it. Still, they took all the molding, even the fire hoses. You know Firehouse restaurant down in Old Sac? Remember that beautiful spiral metal staircase they got there? That belongs on the fourth floor here going to the tower. The state even took and sold all the slate roofing. We finally got a roof back on it in 2001. ” Page just shrugged when tour members literally gasped at the cravenness of state-sanctioned stripping such a statuesque building for profit. Whats done is done, he said, and now comes the restoration stage. Not waiting for the high-rolling donors to pony up, the foundation has opened the castle to tours on weekends and select Thursdays. They draw a steady stream of the curious, those who have driven past the site on Highway 104 and wonder about the interior and the backstory. Quite a backstory it is, too. Page, a garrulous sort who moved to Ione after a career at the Sacramento City Unified School District, enjoys regaling visitors with tales from the past – the good and the bad and the spectral. Yes, like many an old, abandoned building, the Preston Castle is said to be haunted by ghosts, not just the tortured soul of the murdered Anna Corbin but some of the 17 boys whose graves line the sites cemetery. But the history of the castle is baroque and Dickensian enough even without ghosts. Page delights in telling about the crude conditions early on in the infirmary, which apparently was a busy place, especially in the first two decades of the 20th century. The 1918 flu epidemic affected nearly half the Preston staff and a third of the boys, Page said. Those not flu-stricken often began their matriculation at Preston battling TB or the effects of addiction to opium, alcohol or heroin. “Life was tough here, ” he said. Especially if you needed an operation before 1913. “Somewhere on this floor is where theyd do the operations, ” Page told the tour members, asking them to wander around the dusty concrete floor until they found the spot. It turned out to be in the far right corner, near a set of double windows. “The light from this window was so great, the doctor) could do it right here (without electricity. ” Cleanliness seemed to matter a little more when the boys checked in upon arrival. They were herded through a side door, shorn of their hair, stripped and led to a pool of harsh chemicals. With only a pole for support, they were made to walk, with their heads underwater, about 6 feet to the pools far end to rid their bodies of potential pests. “I call it a cattle dip, ” Page said. “A lot of these boys had open sores. I dont know how (this procedure) didnt kill em. Can you imagine the pain if you have an open sore on your head? The state eventually stopped that for inhumane reasons. ” Humanity did exist – see: tennis, the library, gardening – but that hardly made it a country club-like existence. But the boys tried to liven things up. Page tells one story about how the rose garden seemed to be quite popular one summer among wards who showed a great interest as budding horticulturists. Turns out, a tribe of youthful entrepreneurs had a marijuana crop growing amid the roses. Escape attempts, too, happened pretty much every week. A horn would sound in downtown Ione when it was discovered another Preston boy had flown the coop – there was no barbed-wire fencing around the vast acreage – and a manhunt would ensue. “You got a 10 reward if you turned a kid in, ” Page said. The young Merle Haggard made a break for it twice in the early 1950s, Page said. The first time, he and a buddy planned it six weeks in advance, shimmying down a fire escape and off into downtown Ione. Haggard, who apparently was as dexterous with car doors and engines as he would later be with guitar strings, sprinted toward the closest car he could find, jumped in, hot wired in it less than a minute and hit the gas pedal. “But he didnt notice the cars owner had chained it to a tree, ” Page said. Haggard hid in a cubby hole nearby the stalled car, as the police began their search. The police chiefs young son, the story goes, was about at eye level with the crouching Haggard. The two locked eyes. Haggard put his finger to his lips to shush the child. The boy ratted him out anyway. As Haggard later wrote in his autobiography, the last thing he remembered from that escape attempt was looking over his shoulder as he was being led away and seeing the little boy wagging his finger at him. “The next time Merle escaped, ” Page continued, “he stole the police chiefs car and got all the way to Fresno before he was caught and brought back. ” And what punishment did escapees face? “Contrary to what they said at the time, the boys were beaten, severely punished, ” Page said. “Boys were whipped and thrown in solitary confinement. It was pretty bad. ” The Preston Foundation has reached out to Haggard to perhaps stage a benefit concert. For some reason, Haggard reportedly declined the invitation. “He wants nothing to do with this place because of what he calls his ‘fond memories, like being hit with two-by-fours, ” Page said. “Merles got a tattoo on one of his wrists with ‘PSI on it. He hasnt forgotten. ” Apparently, neither have the apparitions that haunt the place. Page said he didnt believe the ghost stories until an incident happened to him in 2010, involving a gust of wind and an eerie feeling, that scared him off for six weeks before he eventually returned to docent duties. Dont let that scare you off. In fact, bring the kids to Preston Castle. Tell them if they dont clean up their acts, theyll wind up in a place just like this. Believe me, that rhetoric works. Preston Castle Tours For information on dates and times for tours of the Preston Castle, 900 Palm Drive, Ione, go to.

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